May 22, 2017
Using AWS Auto-Scaling Groups with Stateful Docker Containers

How to use the immense power of AWS Auto-Scaling Groups and EBS for a stateful Docker application. Download the slides Background In a service-oriented world where requests can come from anywhere at any time, keeping a system constantly up and available is essential to its success. When running at scale, failures happen. This is just
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April 4, 2017
Getting Unstuck with EBS: Primer on how to use Docker and EBS

Update: If you are trying to resolve Failed Attachvolume or FailedMount errors on Kubernetes, we’ve written a post just about that.  Read how to solve Failed Attachvolume and failedMount errors here. A journey into the world of avoiding EBS volumes stuck in the “Attaching” State. Download the slides In order to run a stateful service
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