March 13, 2018
Architect’s Corner: How Lix solved Cassandra, Postgres, and ElasticSearch Ops on Kubernetes

In today’s Architect’s Corner we talk to Simon Stender Boisen, CTO of Lix, a study platform revolutionizing the way college students access and use textbooks. Lix uses Kubernetes to run their microservices platform. When they needed a reliable way to automate operations for Cassandra, Postgres, and ElasticSearch, they turned to Portworx cloud native storage. We had
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September 6, 2017
Accelerating Production Deployments of Data-Rich Applications on Mesosphere DC/OS with Portworx

Running data-rich applications in containers allows enterprise IT organizations to run cloud-native services on their own terms. At the same time, enterprises want their IT toolchain to be seamlessly integrated and battle-tested in production. As orchestration changes the requirements on storage and the application deployment model, we need a complete cloud-native infrastructure to enable a
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June 28, 2017
How to run multiple Cassandra clusters on the same hosts

This post will answer the question “How can I run multiple Cassandra clusters on the same hosts?” It will investigate the constraints of running multiple Cassandra clusters before showing how Portworx gives you better control over your storage, therefore providing higher density and better utilization of your compute resources. Background Cassandra is well known for its
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June 26, 2017
How to reduce Cassandra recovery time when a node fails

This post will answer the question “How can I reduce Cassandra recovery time?” by investigating the Cassandra bootstrapping process and demonstrating how Portworx replication avoids this costly operation. Background Cassandra is a capable, cluster-aware database. It can partition and replicate your data across multiple nodes. Originally developed by Facebook in 2008, it became a top-level
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