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The Most Innovative, Successful Companies Run on K8s. Why Don’t You?

The businesses that adapt, lead, and succeed – the ones you wish to emulate – do so because they’re innovators. And they can innovate because they run on Kubernetes and Portworx.

K8s promises faster deployments, cost-effective resource utilization, and support for automated infrastructure scaling and management. But to run in containers, your data must be in K8s, and that means you need a cloud-native storage and data management solution built directly for K8s.


Pure + Kubernetes

Kubernetes Is the Future – and the Future Is Now


of organizations increased use of K8s because of the pandemic, primarily to accelerate app deployment and increase automation.


of IT professionals expect K8s to play a larger role in their infrastructure management in the next 2 to 3 years.


of respondents deployed at least 61% of their new applications in containers last year.

Source: Portworx.”2021 Kubernetes Adoption Survey.”

There Will Never Be a Better Time to Start Your K8s Journey

Containers and Their Business Impact

The History of Kubernetes – How K8s Came to Be

K8s Building Blocks

K8s Is Critical for Cloud Data Management

Learn why businesses are leaning into K8s deployments to accelerate their digital transformations.

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