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Security on Portworx Backup

The easy button to protect Kubernetes applications anywhere

Portworx Backup is built for Kubernetes, simplifying compliance and data protection. Self-service management empowers application owners to backup and restore their apps anywhere in just a few clicks.

Self-service backup for app owners

Get started faster than ever on a managed data protection service with no install, cluster auto-discovery, and self-service management for app owners.



Recover Data in One Click

Fully protected, container-granular backup and recovery in a single click.


Migrate Applications Anywhere in Minutes

Easily migrate applications between clusters, clouds, and regions within minutes using an application-aware approach.

Sleep Sound with Safe and Secure Data

Gain peace of mind with sophisticated RBAC, ransomware protection, and 3-2-1 rule support for Kubernetes app compliance.

Why Portworx Backup?

Container-granular and App-aware Backup and Restore

Ensure all application data, configurations, and objects are fully protected with app-aware and container granular backup across Kubernetes clusters, VMs, and databases, so you don’t spend unnecessary time and effort retro-fitting a machine-based solution that wasn’t built for the volume or infrastructure of Kubernetes data.

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Cross-cloud Migration and Application Portability

Portworx Backup enables easy migration for applications, including stateful apps, between any cloud, hybrid, or on-prem environment. To put it simply, you can back up your app in one environment and restore in another—even if they’re non-Portworx volumes.

Self-Service Access for DevOps Teams

Gain enterprise-level control over your organization’s most valuable asset—your data. Portworx Backup offers sophisticated role-based access controls that give self-service access to app owners—including setting their own backup policies and rules.

Ransomware Protection and Disaster Recovery

Guarantee data protection from ransomware attacks with recoverable data from backups. Ensure business continuity from failures or outages with zero RPO and failovers within seconds for mission critical apps by pairing with PX-DR.

More than 40% of respondents indicate thattheir organizations have been victims of ransomware attacks, and smaller companies (those with fewer than 1,000 employees) were 11% more likely to be attacked than their larger counterparts. ”

– 2022 Kubernetes Data Protection Trends Report

KPN Case Study

“Backup is simpler [with Portworx]. We can now back up single data volumes, restore them to another namespace, and then simply copy the data we need directly from that space, which saves us significant time and headaches.”

Jeroen van Gemert, DevOps Engineer, KPN

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Portworx Backup Use Cases

Kubernetes Backup

Easily backup and restore all your Kubernetes applications between any cloud.

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Disaster Recovery

Easily protect your mission-critical applications with automated disaster recovery.

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Copy Data Management

Fully reproduce your production environment for more complete testing and debugging.

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