Portworx Cements Itself as the Leading Solution for Running Stateful Containers in Production with Growing List of Fortune Global 500 Customers

Los Altos, Calif. – December 5, 2017 – Portworx, the solution for running stateful containers in production, today announced that it has acquired over 30 paying customers since launching its flagship cloud-native storage solution, PX-Enterprise, just over one year ago. Portworx’s customer roster includes eight companies in the Fortune Global 500. These customers include GE Digital as well as leading telecommunications, media and entertainment, industrial communications, financial services organizations and U.S. federal agencies. Portworx has also added numerous mid-market companies to its customer roster, indicating that running stateful services such as databases and streaming analytics in containers is becoming mainstream. Additionally, Portworx has introduced the newest release of PX-Enterprise, which focuses on solving specific challenges encountered by organizations running stateful containers in production environments at scale.

Portworx has built out its sales, support and channel organization to serve its global customer base throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Because of this significant momentum, Portworx has emerged as the leading provider of cloud-native storage. Customers in multiple industries are adopting PX-Enterprise as the SQL, NoSQL and big-data layer for Kubernetes, DC/OS and Docker platforms running in the cloud and on-premises. The variety of workloads that customers run speaks to the breadth of the Portworx offering for cloud-native architectures.

“Portworx is the data layer for cloud-native applications – a claim that the world’s largest companies have validated by trusting us to handle their mission-critical data services,” said Murli Thirumale, co-founder and CEO, Portworx. “Just as importantly, we’re seeing significant customer growth in the mid-market, an indication that cloud-native architectures based on microservices and containers are becoming an industry standard for building and running software.”

Customers Weigh in on the Benefits of Portworx’s Cloud-Native Storage

NIO is a next-generation car company specializing in electric and autonomous vehicles

“There are a few critical areas in your stack where you cannot afford a failure. Storage is one such area. We evaluated open-source options for cloud-native storage, but they were not as stable for our high-performance use case. We chose Portworx because it is a stable, mature, container-native storage option with one of the most responsive engineering and support organizations I’ve ever worked with.”  – Satya Komala, head of autonomous vehicle cloud and enterprise architecture, NIO

Vertiv designs, builds and services critical infrastructure

“Portworx has been great to work with as we deploy Elasticsearch with Kubernetes in the cloud.  Portworx features like CloudSnap make it easy to back up our container volumes to object storage, and the Portworx support team has been fantastic.” – Chris Hoffman, senior technologist, Vertiv

New Release of PX-Enterprise Focuses on Supporting Production Use Cases


The new release of PX-Enterprise, which is available today, focuses on solving the stability and performance challenges enterprises face while running large clusters and numerous applications across the major container orchestration platforms – Kubernetes, Mesosphere DC/OS and Docker Swarm. This new release enables faster recovery during failures that are common in production systems as containers are scheduled and rescheduled across multiple nodes. In addition to hardening orchestration integrations, Portworx made improvements to shared volumes and data availability in remote replicas. PX-Enterprise can now also run as an OCI runC container rather than a Docker container, thus solving common issues that arise when the Docker daemon crashes. Lastly, in an effort to be the best persistent storage for Kubernetes, customers can now run PX-Enterprise as part of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and on Google Container Engine (GKE), two of the most popular platforms for running Kubernetes in production.


Visit Portworx at KubeCon booth G27 to see how the latest version of PX-Enterprise integrates with Kubernetes.

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About Portworx


Portworx is the solution for running stateful containers in production, designed with DevOps in mind. With Portworx, users can manage any database or stateful service on any infrastructure using any container scheduler, including Kubernetes, Mesosphere DC/OS, and Docker Swarm. Portworx solves the five most common problems DevOps teams encounter when running stateful services in production: persistence, high availability, data automation, security, and support for multiple data stores and infrastructure. Portworx is ideally suited for solution verticals such as databases, messaging queues, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CICD), big data, and content management. Customers include GE Digital, Lufthansa Systems, TGen, and other Fortune 1000 customers in healthcare, global manufacturing, telecom, and federal.