Portworx Annual Survey Shows Nearly 50% Increase in Container Adoption from 2017 with Multi-Cloud Environments as a Top Motivator

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Dec. 4, 2018 — Portworx, the cloud native storage company modern enterprises trust to manage data in containers, today announced the results of its 2018 Annual Container Adoption Survey, which features insights from over 500 IT professionals across a variety of industries and company sizes. The survey, conducted in September 2018, asked questions about the state of container usage, tooling, environments, and barriers to adoption to get a snapshot of the container market landscape today and its evolution over time.


The 2018 survey reveals that over 80 percent of IT professionals and their teams are running container technologies now — a sharp increase from years past, with just 55 percent of teams running container technologies in 2017. What’s more, the number of teams running at least 40 percent of their apps in containers has more than doubled from last year, up to 65 percent from 2017’s 30 percent. While increasing developer productivity remains the primary driver (32 percent) of container adoption, the desire, and need to operate multi-cloud environments is close in second as a top motivator (30 percent). To solve data challenges that come with multi-cloud environments, Portworx also today announced the availability of PX-Enterprise 2.0, to empower enterprises to overcome data gravity, a major barrier to hybrid- and multi-cloud adoption.


“We’re noticing a direct correlation between the pace of container adoption and the move toward cloud native architectures. As more enterprises leverage containers to streamline workflows and lower infrastructure costs, they’re also tapping multi-cloud architectures to help them compete in an increasingly digital world,” said Gou Rao, CTO of Portworx. “Thanks to containers, the promise of multi-cloud – with its benefits of improving uptime, avoiding lock-in and gaining price leverage — is fast becoming a reality. We’re looking forward to helping enterprises overcome challenges associated with managing stateful applications like databases in containers in this new cloud era.”


Other Key Findings:


  • The number of organizations making a financial investment in containers increased dramatically from 57 percent of respondents in 2017 to 91 percent of respondents in 2018. And the level of that investment is increasing with 12 percent of respondents saying that they are investing over $1 million annually, compared to only 4 percent in 2016.


  • Remarkably, of those teams running container technologies, 83 percent are running them in production. Compare this to just 67 percent in 2017 — a 20 percent increase.


  • This year, 35 percent of respondents reported running containers in more than one cloud, with 23% running in two clouds and a significant 13 percent running on three clouds.


  • Microsoft Azure was the most popular cloud for running containers, at 57 percent. AWS (42 percent) and Google (39 percent) follow. However, of those teams running in multiple clouds, 36 percent are using all three major providers.


  • Kubernetes remains the most popular container orchestration tool, at 68 percent (compared to 43 percent in 2017)


  • Respondents said they trust Amazon the most to help them succeed in running Kubernetes (23 percent), followed closely by Microsoft (21 percent). However, IT leaders said that Microsoft Azure is the most developer-friendly cloud for containers (39 percent), the most supportive of open standards (35 percent), as well as the best value for money (36 percent).


  • This year, security tops the list of challenges to deploying containers, at 56 percent. Persistent storage, the top challenge of respondents in 2017, fell to #7 this year, however data management comes in at #2. This indicates that as the cloud native storage and container markets progress, higher level challenges (data management) replace lower level challenges (persistent storage). Additionally, multi-cloud and cross-DC management comes in as the #3 most commonly reported challenge, indicating a need to solve data mobility for Kubernetes.


Download the full 2018 Portworx Annual Container Adoption Survey Report here.


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