DaoCloud Announces Strategic Partnership to Sell Leading-Edge Portworx Container Data Services Technology in China

Partnership Addresses Customer Challenges Around Stateful Container Deployments; Portworx Becomes Critical Element in DaoCloud DCE-X Enterprise Cloud Platform-As-A-Service Stack

Los Altos, Calif. — June, 19, 2017 — Portworx, the leading provider of container data services for DevOps, today announced its first international strategic partnership with DaoCloud, a top cloud-native technology vendor focused on guiding enterprises through digital transformations. Through an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement, DaoCloud is partnering with Portworx to offer its leading-edge container data services technology to the China market for the first time. DaoCloud will package Portworx as part of DCE-X, its cloud-based platform-as-a-service offering for enterprise customers. DaoCloud will translate the Portworx GUI and documentation to Chinese, and promote and sell Portworx nationwide. Portworx will also partner with DaoCloud to establish the Portworx Shanghai Support Center, which will work with Portworx’s U.S. office to provide 24/7 support for global customers.

DaoCloud’s 100,000+ users are among the most innovative in China, and include early adopters of container technology. However, these users face numerous challenges around persistent storage as they take containers from dev/test into production, including persistence, high availability, data automation, support for multiple data stores, infrastructure, and security.

Portworx provides a solution to these challenges – acting as a single data management layer for any stateful containerized application with any scheduler on any infrastructure. Portworx also offers industry-first, enterprise-class features such as persistence, encryption, multi-cloud replication, cloud-agnostic snapshots, and global namespace. Through DaoCloud, Portworx is now signed with several major Chinese customers including global 2000 companies such as SAIC Motors and Dongfeng Motors.

“As Chinese enterprises advance their digital transformations, they have a critical need for DevOps and microservices-focused storage solutions in their cloud-native datacenters,” said Qiyan Chen, co-founder and CEO of DaoCloud. “The strategic partnership between DaoCloud and Portworx is the ideal solution for these cutting-edge customers.”

DaoCloud’s digital transformation services leverage innovative technologies, products, solutions, and consulting practices, covering the entire application lifecycle from development to production in public, private, and hybrid environments.

“DaoCloud is one of the leading platform-as-a-service providers in China, and we’re pleased that Portworx PX-Enterprise is a critical part of DaoCloud’s DCE-X stack, enabling stateful workloads as DaoCloud leads Chinese enterprises through digital transformation,” said Murli Thirumale, co-founder and CEO of Portworx. “The Chinese DevOps market is growing at a rapid pace, and we look forward to working with DaoCloud to help solve container challenges and advance container adoption and innovation.”

DaoCloud has been building a leading ecosystem in China with communities and partners. It has actively organized and sponsored local meetups and events around Docker, and in 2016 DaoCloud and Lenovo established the strategic partnership in China. DaoCloud is headquartered in Yangpu District, Shanghai City, China, and also has branch offices in Beijing, Wuhan, and Shenzhen covering the northern, middle, and southern regions of China respectively. DaoCloud plans to expand its ecosystem with top partners around the world.

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Portworx is the solution for stateful containers, designed for DevOps. With Portworx, users can manage any database or stateful service on any infrastructure using any container scheduler, including Kubernetes, Mesosphere DC/OS, and Docker Swarm. Portworx solves the five most common problems DevOps teams encounter when running containerized databases and other stateful services in production: persistence, high availability, data automation, support for multiple data stores and infrastructure, and security. Portworx technology is ideally suited for solution verticals such as databases, messaging queues, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CICD), big data, and content management. Customers include TGen, GE Digital, Lufthansa Systems and other Fortune 1000s.

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