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A Modern Architecture for Digital IT

Dynamic apps delivered through digital IT form the backbone of modernization and transformation within enterprises today.

Digital IT is all about speed of app development, app deployment agility, and app interconnectedness. The world is shifting to a cloud native architecture to achieve app dynamism and offer services in real-time. Market leaders like Uber, Amex, Netflix have embraced cloud native architectures to enable awesome customer experiences. The core tenets of a cloud native architecture are:


Offer up technology and capabilities as services to all development teams to use without having to directly access or understand underlying systems

Microservices and Componentization

Componentize applications into microservices for rapid delivery, easy management and alignment with developer strengths

Portability and No Lock-in

Move deployments across environments with ease and do not be tied down to potential limitations or avoidable cost structures

Hybrid Cloud

Deploy containers and components anywhere and in any combination of public or private clouds or on-prem

Secure Deployment

Control and monitor access to infrastructure through organizational role based access and with industry leading encryption keys

Leverage Existing Hardware

Use existing and commodity hardware rather than new, purpose-built, and expensive hardware for running cloud native apps

Loose Coupling

Make services able to run with interconnectedness but also without being tightly integrated to each other

Orchestrate Containerized Stacks

Use industry leading orchestration platform, Kubernetes fully integrated with storage, networking, security and other key services to run containerized workloads

Due to the nature of specialization, there are lots of purpose developed technologies that play in the new cloud native ecosystem. These technologies need to operate together as an ecosystem of complementary components. The CNCF recently put out a comprehensive description of the buckets that make up the technologies. In summary, an adaption of the CNCF landscape looks like this:

Numerous technology vendors and leaders are beginning to emerge in these buckets. These vendors and their particular technologies inherently need to interoperate for the customer to succeed in their cloud native journey.

Portworx is an integral part of the modern architecture and has put together one of the most relevant partner networks to bring Digital IT to the market.

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