Cloud native storage and data management for Kubernetes

Learn why innovative Fortune 2000 companies trust Portworx to manage their mission-critical data on-premises, in the cloud, and across data centers.


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Kubernetes makes your apps agile. Portworx does the same for your data.

Manage apps. Not storage.

Portworx is way more than just storage. We bring powerful multi- and hybrid-cloud data management tools like data security, disaster recovery, migrations, auto-scaling, and blue-green deployments into the heart of Kubernetes.

Defeat data gravity. Run your apps anywhere.

Your apps are automatically deployed and scaled by Kubernetes. Portworx Enterprise makes sure that your data is secure, available and protected, no matter where your Kubernetes pods land.

Automate everything. Including data management.

Automation means faster app delivery with few bugs in production. Thanks to the Portworx Enterprise data management platform, you can now automate your entire application, including mission-critical data.

These great companies and more trust Portworx in production

The Portworx Platform

The Portworx Platform

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The Kubernetes Data Control Center

PX-Central is your centralized monitoring, metrics and data management interface for Portworx Enterprise.

PX-Central includes:

  • Multi-cluster management UI
  • Proactive centralized monitoring
  • Cluster setup/installation
  • And more…

Container Data Security Without Compromise

With PX-Security encryption and access controls, you can move securely at the speed of Kubernetes.

PX-Security includes:

  • Cluster-wide encryption
  • Container-granular or Storage-class based BYOK
  • Role-based access control for
    – Authorization
    – Authentication
    – Ownership
  • Integrates with Active Directory and LDAP

Data Management, Kubernetes style

Complete control over your Kubernetes data no matter where it lives.

PX-Data Managment includes:

  • Multi-cloud/multi-cluster application migrations
  • Snapshot-based backup to any cloud
  • Application-consistent snapshots

Data Protection For Mission Critical Apps

PX-DR extends the data protection included in PX-Store with Zero RPO Disaster Recovery for data centers in a metropolitan area as well as continuous backups across the WAN for an even greater level of protection.

PX-DR includes:

  • Multi-site synchronous replication for Zero RPO DR across a metro area
  • Multi-site Asynchronous Replication for DR across a wide area network (WAN)
  • All DR policies can be set at the container-granular level

Scalable Persistent Storage for Kubernetes

Built from the ground up for containers, PX-Store provides cloud native storage for applications running in the cloud, on-prem and in hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

PX-Store includes:

  • Container-optimized volumes with elastic scaling for no application downtime
  • High Availability across nodes/racks/AZs so you can failover in seconds
  • Multi-writer shared volumes across multiple containers
  • Storage-aware class-of-service (COS) and application aware I/O tuning
  • And much more…

Portworx is Part of Your Container Ops Toolkit

storage for containers
storage for containers for Kubernetes
storage for containers for D2iQ, DCOS, and Marathon
docker volume support on AWS
docker volume support on Azure
docker volume support on Google Cloud

Portworx solves the five most common problems DevOps teams experience when running containerized databases and other stateful services in production.

persistent volumes for Docker
Data Mobility
Backup, recovery, migration made easy.
HA for Docker storage
High Availability
Smart provisioning, replication, and failover to keep your apps up.
automatically manage docker volumes via your scheduler
Scheduler-based Automation
Deep integration with the most popular container schedulers.
ecrypt docker volumes
Data Security
Move fast. Move securely.
docker storage for any database or any environment
Anything, Anywhere
Consistently manage any database on any infrastructure.
Portworx is the cloud native storage company that enterprises depend on to reduce the cost and complexity of rapidly deploying containerized applications across multiple clouds and on-prem environments. With Portworx, you can manage any database or stateful service on any infrastructure using any container scheduler. You get a single data management layer for all of your stateful services, no matter where they run. Portworx thrives in multi-cloud environments.
  • Any Stateful Container
  • Any Scheduler
  • Your Data Layer
  • Any Cloud
  • Cassandra, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Kafka
  • Kubernetes, D2iQ, Nomad, Swarm
  • Portworx
  • On-prem, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

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