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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Portworx and Amazon EKS

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The Challenges of Running Cloud-Native Apps on AWS

Nearly two-thirds of organizations choose Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to run their containers, but Amazon EKS alone doesn’t address key storage and data management requirements for production workloads.

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Getting to Production Faster

Deploying data-rich Kubernetes applications requires container-granular storage and automated data management.

Operating at Enterprise-Scale

Small and medium businesses need a stable and reliable environment for enterprise resource planning (ERP) data, as any interruption can lead to major losses and the inability to meet delivery obligations.

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Ensuring HA, Easily Recoverable Data

Customers have regulatory and enterprise-level requirements for backup, high availability, and disaster recovery. You need to be able to run stateful apps on Amazon EKS while ensuring they meet these strict SLAs.

The Portworx Solution

Built from the ground up for Kubernetes, Portworx delivers a fully integrated solution for running mission-critical, data-rich apps on Amazon EBS and EKS in production.

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Cross-AZ High Availability

Automatically replicate your EKS volumes across availability zones with both synchronous and asynchronous replication, reducing failover time ‘from minutes to seconds.

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Easy Migration

Migrate entire applications including data and app configuration from one cluster to another, across regions, or from on-prem to the cloud – on your terms.

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Point-and-Click Backup and Restore

Safeguard mission-critical workloads with full application and Kubernetes awareness backup and restore across regions and with zero RPO.

We started by migrating most of our technology infrastructure to AWS and adopting Kubernetes to develop, test, and deploy new applications, but we needed a storage layer that was as flexible as the other elements of our cloud-native stack. Portworx adds the capabilities to EKS we needed, enabling us to optimize and automate our storage management, spin up new clusters and migrate seamlessly, and significantly accelerate and streamline our cloud development lifecycle.”

Reed Glauser, Director of Engineering, CHG Healthcare
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