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Tame the Kubernetes Chaos for Your SaaS App


The Challenges SaaS Architects Face

Scaling and protecting data services running on Kubernetes requires you address data mobility, availability, and security, without burdening your thinly stretched SRE team.

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Achieving Massive Scalability

When your SaaS app is under load, your data services must scale instantly. Scaling stateless services is easy, but stateful services pose different challenges.


Consistently Operating Data Services on Any Infrastructure

Your SRE team is stretched thin, managing microservices backed by different data services, across various AZs, regions, and clouds.


Ensuring HA, Easily Recoverable Data

Customers require greater commitments for security, data locality, data protection, availability, and more. How can you confidently meet these enterprise requirements?

The Portworx Solution

Built from the ground up for Kubernetes, Portworx uncomplicates data on Kubernetes, solving the unique challenges faced by SaaS architects.

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Data Services at SaaS Scale

Built from the ground-up for Kubernetes, Portworx lets you scale your own backend data services easily, without scaling up your SRE staff.


Data Agility for Modern Apps

Whether you run SQL or NoSQL databases, streaming data, AI/ML workloads, search, or more, Portworx delivers a consistent ops playbook for any data service – and any infrastructure, too.


Built-in HA, Data Protection, and Security

Portworx enables you to easily add high availability, backup, DR, data security, and other enterprise requirements, so you can meet customers’ needs and grow your SaaS business.


Thanks to Portworx, we now have a container-ready platform that manages storage at scale and reduces the burden on our DevOps team.”

Lee Lui, Co-Founder and CTO at LogDNA
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