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Kubernetes storage and backup

The Most Complete Platform for Your Containers Journey

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The Challenges of Running Applications in Containers

Managing storage and data protection for your Kubernetes applications requires a container-native solution.

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Consistently Operating on Any Infrastructure

Every data service has specific operational practices, but hiring specialists or buying support agreements for each is expensive.


Ensuring Security in a Distributed Environment

Every layer of your stack – cloud, clusters, containers, and code – needs its own specific security and management capabilities.

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Staying Protected No Matter What

Protection needs to just happen. Relying on manual processes is unreliable and unscalable. And implementing complex scripts is simply unmanageable.

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The Portworx Solution

Built from the ground up for Kubernetes, Portworx delivers the most complete Kubernetes Data Services Platform for building, scaling, automating, and securing cloud-native applications.

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Data Services at Scale

With app-specific capabilities that automate deployments, snapshots, backups, and more, Portworx lets you scale data services easily, without scaling up your staff.

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Security That’s Right for Your Enterprise

Run even your most vulnerable apps on Kubernetes with Portworx’s built-in encryption, BYOK, and role-based access controls for your mission-critical data.

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Confident Disaster Recovery

Portworx enables you to achieve zero RPO for your apps and data – keeping you up and running without data loss day in, day out.

“I usually say a great solution is the one you don’t know you’re using. And that’s true for both Pure and Portworx. Our developers don’t ever need to know what storage we’re using or how we’re tying it all together. They interact with Kubernetes, and it all just works.”

– Joe Searcy, member of T-Mobile technical staff
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