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Kubernetes Backup Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain in Your App

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The Challenges with Data Protection for Kubernetes Apps

If you’re moving Kubernetes apps into production, you need to have a data protection plan in place to anticipate the unexpected and ensure quick recovery of all your data.


Data loss with traditional backup solutions

The risk of losing or corrupting data increases if a backup solution isn’t purpose-built for Kubernetes. Traditional backup methods don’t fully capture all app components.


App downtime from disasters is expensive

A few hours of a service outage from a disaster or error can cost you millions of dollars. A disaster recovery plan protects you from the effects of prolonged downtime.


Data gravity for Kubernetes applications

If you’re an organization that works across geographies and cloud providers, your data needs to seamlessly migrate across clusters or Kubernetes environments.


Difficult to maintain regulatory or corporate compliance

Maintaining copies of data for a certain time per government regulations or adhering to corporate security mandates for data access can be difficult to do on your own.

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Without container-granular backup options for Kubernetes, enterprises are exposed to data loss, downtime, and decreased customer loyalty.

Enrico Signoretti, analyst, GigaOm Research

The Portworx Solution

PX-Backup delivers enterprise-grade data protection with fast recovery and no data loss – so you can move Kubernetes apps into production and ensure they’re protected. Combine PX-Backup with Portworx Enterprise and Portworx Data Services for comprehensive Kubernetes data management.

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Application-aware backups

Make recovery quick and easy by protecting your entire application including data, configuration, and Kubernetes objects, and manage storage requirements on a per-container basis.


Zero RPO and low RTO disaster recovery

Ensure your data will be available when needed with a disaster recovery plan that includes zero RPO, low RTO, and speedy failovers for mission-critical data.


Multi-cloud portability

Migrate stateful applications between on-prem, hybrid, and cloud Kubernetes environments. Back up Kubernetes apps running in any cloud or data center and restore them in another.


Enterprise-grade security

Recover from costly loss or failure scenarios by maintaining 3-2-1 compliance across disk and object storage. Implement sophisticated governance and compliance with granular role-based access control.

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