Kubernetes Master Class: What you need to know to successfully run databases in production on Kubernetes

The Kubernetes community has made significant progress when it comes to easily deploying stateful services like databases. But what happens on Day 2? Day 2 operations are all about managing an application when things go wrong: nodes fail, networks are partitioned, a CVE comes out requiring a new version of Kubernetes to be deployed and all running apps upgraded. This talk will provide a real-world view into the challenges of running stateful apps like databases in production and look at some solutions using Portworx PX-Enterprise.

In this session, Portworx VP of Product Marketing Michael Ferranti and Rancher Head of Product Management Ankur Agarwal discuss and demo:

  • How to architect an application to take advantage of the self-healing provided by Kubernetes
  • How to respond to common Day 2 operational scenarios like node failure, disk out of space, and restore from snapshots
  • How to conduct a blue-green deployment of a new version of Kubernetes when you need to upgrade your cluster and keep your databases running