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Director of DevOps – Solutions Engineering

Located in Los Altos, CA or San Franciso, CA.

Job Description:

Portworx is looking for a Director of DevOps – Solutions Engineering to head a group of strong solutions engineers who will be working directly with our customers from early-on in the production planning, architecture and operationalizing their PaaS/SaaS environments built on containers orchestrated by Kubernetes and other orchestrators.
This is a critical customer-facing leadership role and this group will:

  1. Help with architecting and planning our customers’ data management infrastructure for their hybrid cloud efforts
  2. Work closely with them on building and scaling mission-critical enterprise-class application and data infrastructure for their cloud-native transformation that is enabled by Kubernetes and other modern orchestrators on any cloud infrastructure
  3. Work with our customers in planning their roll-out, suggest and implement architectural guidelines, operational best practices, runbooks for operations, setting up DR best practices, capacity and performance planning, implementing monitoring and metrics and security best practices
  4. Train the customers’ SRE and DevOps teams in operating and managing their infrastructure, including tuning for performance, right-sizing the configurations, building and scaling their infrastructure for burst demand cycles and application-level back-up and recovery
  5. Train the customers’ developer teams on how to best leverage the data management and volume management capabilities of Portworx, encryption, access control and security, volume policy management, application-level data backup and recovery, performance tuning and capacity planning

The Director of DevOps – Solutions Engineering will:

  1. Build, manage and train a group of motivated engineers who have strong DevOps background, have built and managed PaaS and SaaS infrastructure and have worked with one or more of Kubernetes or other schedulers, SQL/NoSQL databases like Postgres, MariaDB, Cassandra, ElasticSearch etc, web and mobile backends, IoT/Analytics/AI workloads
  2. Build documentation about best practices for successful production deployments and enable customers to get the most of out their containerized, cloud-native application deployments with the orchestrator of their choice and Portworx
  3. Interface with Sales and Customer Success Managers to understand and scope customer deployments and requirements, help identify other customer pain-points, implement solutions to help the customer or work with product management and engineering team to enhance the customer experience
  4. Leverage their team’s expertise to develop custom solutions for specific customer needs to help the customers drive better ROI out of their effort
  5. Track and manage critical customer engagements, the roll-out schedules and production preparedness as customers launch their state-of-the-art digital platforms built on Kubernetes and other schedulers
  6. Be an effective advocate for the customer and represent the customerin all their interactions within and outside Portworx

The right candidate for this role will:

  1. Has 12-15 years of experience in managing DevOps teams building and scaling large web software backends or worked in a capacity that helped customers scaling their infrastructure by building solutions and enabling them to realize the most out of their infrastructure
  2. Has prior experience working with containers, kubernetes, container orchestrators, cloud deployments and virtualization software
  3. Has prior experience in working with one or more domains like SQL/NoSQL databases, full-stack web deployments, SaaS or PaaS deployments, analytics workflows, AI/Machine Learning
  4. Has prior experience running DevOps teams, SRE teams and managinginfrastructure running business-critical applications
  5. Has good hands-on experience with Linux system administration, troubleshooting, performance tuning, deploying and tuning databases and application software
  6. Has experience with Terraform, Ansible and other automation tools


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