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TrustBills Builds a Secure, Compliant Kubernetes Platform for the German Market


  • EU data privacy and compliance regulations require TrustBills to run their own Kubernetes cluster instead of using a managed service
  • Protecting and securing customer data in a security conscience market
  • 10 months of testing open source container storage solutions failed to identify a solution with sufficient levels of scalability, resilience, and security


  • Portworx PX-Enterprise delivered a stable, resilient and secure cloud native storage solution for Kubernetes
  • The Portworx support team provided a dependable partner for a central platform component: storage


TrustBills was able to depend on Portworx and get to market faster without having to worry about how to make an open source storage solution stable, resilient, and secure enough for their needs

We are huge fans of open-source software and before we found Portworx, we tested almost every free and open source product for running stateful containers and they couldn’t satisfy our high requirements in scalability, resilience and security.Even if all of them are based on great ideas, they didn’t suit our demands.”
– Florian Herzberg, SVP of Product, Management at TrustBills
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