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How Qomplx Was Able to Speed Up Customer Insights by Fully Automating the Data Layer of Their Container Platform for the Financial & Cybersecurity Industries


  • Most container orchestration platforms are built for stateless services which are easy to scale elastically. However, the Qomplx next-gen Data Analytics-as-a-Service platform relies on AI and machine learning capabilities that are harder to manage in containers.
  • Existing persistent storage and data management solutions don’t work across clouds and on-premises data centers, a hard requirement for Qomplx’s platform which must be able to run anywhere.
  • Running multiple data services at production scale requires significant expertise in each service to provide HA, backups, and disaster recovery.


  • Leverage containers to provide an environment that easily scales across any cloud or on-premises data center
  • Portworx PX-Enterprise for cloud native storage and data management


Thanks to Portworx, Qomplx was able to fully automate the data layer of their container platform in addition to the compute layer, providing the real-time management needed for high-volume analytics. As a unified solution for all of Qomplx’s data services, Portworx reduces the number of moving parts present in the Qomplx platform, easing management and increasing reliability. Since Portworx is infrastructure agnostic, Qomplx can easily deploy their platform in any customer’s environment regardless of what hardware and storage systems are present.

Operational firefighting kills innovation because you are always focused on yesterday’s problem instead of looking towards the future. The way to avoid constant firefighting is automation, which leads to more resilient, more secure, and more flexible applications. This is especially important for industries like cybersecurity and financial services where real-time data management is critical. Manual operations and real-time don’t mix. With the new PX-Enterprise SDK, we have the ability to control every aspect of our cloud native storage via APIs to fully automate data management in real time.”
– Sunil Pentapati, Director of Platform Operations, Qomplx
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