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New Context Securely Moves Enterprises Over to Containers and Microservices with Portworx


  • Large clients require the agility of container platforms but they cannot refactor their applications from the ground-up
  • Container management platforms like DC/OS provide automation for applications but have limited support for stateful services like databases
  • Solutions to connect enterprise storage to the container are fragile and don’t scale


  • Mesosphere DC/OS container management platform for scalable, enterprise applications
  • Portworx Enterprise for cloud native storage and data management


Portworx provides enterprise-class storage and data management enterprises require for container workloads, without requiring them to refactor their applications. Portworx integrates with Mesosphere DC/OS to provide persistent storage for data services, enabling automation required to keep applications available. Portworx provides a reliable and scalable storage and data management layer for enterprise applications which keeps New Context clients happy
Portworx really comes in and saves the day because we have a storage fabric that integrates with container workflows, but still provides persistence like we’d expect in a VM environment.”
– Danny Purcell, DevOps Engineer, New Context
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