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Naitways Customers Get Scalable Websites Without Having to Manage Any Infrastructure or Operating Systems with Portworx


  • As a hosting company, Naitways must be able to instantly scale to meet customer demand. This is challenging for the many stateful services they offer like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, MySQL, & Redis
  • Most persistent storage options for containers don’t provide both high performance storage for applications like MySQL, and multi-writer shared volumes for WordPress, both hard requirements for typical hosting customers


  • Kubernetes and Docker container management platform for a scalable, easy-to-use container-as-aservice offering and hosted web applications
  • Portworx Enterprise for cloud native storage and data management


Portworx enabled Naitways to increase revenue by offering an easy upgrade path for customers to purchase additional storage or backup services. Portworx reduced Naitways’ time to market by allowing it to focus on building customer functionality since core operational requirements like high availability and backups were taken care of. Portworx increased Naitways’ operational efficiency by automatically handling common failures that occur in a dynamic server environment like server failures and network partitions, resulting in Naitways’ customers getting a scalable website without having to manage any infrastructure or operating systems.

The real business value of Portworx is time. We can get to market faster with Portworx than we could if we implemented everything ourself.”
– Hugo Claria, Head of the Hosting Division at Naitways
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