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Lix Solves Cassandra, Postgres, and Elasticsearch Ops on Kubernetes to Build World’s Best Study Experience


  • Lix customers demand a fast, responsive platform to help them succeed with their studies
  • Containers promised to offer an easier way to build a high quality platform, but only if it could provide a solution for running and managing data services like Elasticsearch, Cassandra, and Postgres


  • Leverage Kubernetes to provide an environment that easily scales with the growth of the Lix platform
  • Portworx Enterprise for cloud native storage and data management


Portworx saved Lix time by allowing it to focus on creating the world’s best study platform and not managing storage. Portworx enabled Lix to achieve automation via containers without sacrificing performance. Portworx increased Lix’s operational efficiency by automatically handling common failures that occur in a dynamic server environment like server failures and network partitions, enabling them to focus on their customers

You don’t want to mess around with the data layer for your containerized application. We picked Portworx because it saves us precious time managing our mission critical databases and let’s us focus on the areas were we differentiate. Portworx is exactly what we needed for our Kubernetes deployment, a stable, performant, cloud native storage solution with a great support team we can call if there is ever a problem.”
– Simon Stender Boisen, CTO, Lix
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