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Beco Leverages Containers to Manage Mobile Data Stream and Advance IoT in Real Estate


  • Processing large amounts of data collected from connected devices
  • Keeping important databases like Kafka, Cassandra, and PostgreSQL HA when using containers
  • Ensuring high availability (HA) when DC/OS pins stateful services to a single host by default


  • Portworx enables databases to run anywhere within a DC/OS cluster
  • Synchronous replication keeps databases Highly Available even when a server fails


Beco was able to grow their IoT platform with PX-Enterprise, “An easy-to-deploy, easy-tooperate, and easy-to-scale persistent storage solution for stateful containers."
We are rapidly scaling our containerized, micro-service based infrastructure and required a production-ready cloud native storage solution that would offer us the reliability and scalability we could count on. That’s why we chose Portworx. Portworx is a battle-proven, highly reliable storage solution that scales with our increasing demand and enables our development team to focus less on storage and more on building new software services.”
– Jeffrey Zampieron, CTO, Beco
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